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Discussion in 'Changelogs' started by Dylan, Apr 30, 2020.

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    Sep 30, 2019
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    Dear everyone,

    I would like to announce that following our downtime on our forums last night, we have made the following changes:
    • Changed the Colour Scheme to Yellow / Pink.
    • Removed the Members list.
    • Added a Discord tab to join our discord server easily.
    • Enabled Friendly URL's, meaning that the links look a lot nicer (For threads, instead of having it now looks like
    • Fixed permission issues.
    • Staff List no longer contains Moderator+ and instead contains their Moderator+ division that they are working for.
    • Fixed rank colours as some had outlines, the texts were different colours and didn't match up.
    • Bug Reports and Player Reports have been merged into one section to make it less cluttered.
    • We have added Map Submissions as I know some players have made some maps for the Network and weren't able to submit them.
    • Fixed an issue with the top logo and embedded links logo.
    Following this update you should all have your correct ranks back. However, if you still do not have your ranks please private message me on site and I will be able to sort it out with you.


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