Dear everyone,

I would like to announce that following our downtime on our forums last night, we have made the following changes:
  • Changed the Colour Scheme to Yellow / Pink.
  • Removed the Members list.
  • Added a Discord tab to join our discord server easily.
  • Enabled Friendly URL's, meaning that the links look a lot nicer (For threads, instead of having https://minedroidpvp.net/index.php?threads/forums-update-30-04-2020.110/ it now looks like https://minedroidpvp.net/threads/forums-update-30-04-2020.110/)
  • Fixed permission issues.
  • Staff List no longer contains Moderator+ and instead contains their Moderator+ division that they are working for.
  • Fixed rank colours as some had outlines, the texts were different colours and didn't match up.
  • Bug Reports and Player Reports have been merged into one section to make it less cluttered.
  • We have added Map Submissions as I know some players have made some maps for the Network and weren't able to submit them.
  • Fixed an issue with the top logo and embedded links logo.
Following this update you should all have your correct ranks back. However, if you still do not have your ranks please private message me on site and I will be able to sort it out with you.

Hello all,

As you can probably tell by the title of the thread and the hints going around the discord lately, Survival is coming back. We have had a lot of questions over the past coming weeks in regards to Survival.

Here's a date to put in your diary! We will be releasing Survival on Saturday, 2nd May 2020 at 3PM EST / 8PM BST. If you are to remember our old Survival, we had nothing like what we are releasing. We will be releasing Backpacks, Claims, Quests and more! We will also be revealing sneak-peaks throughout the next two weeks.

Here are a couple of our main-developed features for you to take a look at!

Protect your builds from being destroyed!

  • Manage your claim - toggle basic settings like disabling/enabling mob-spawning and building.
  • Claim memberships - Join other people’s claims; invite others to yours; teleport to each others’ claims.

Carry a backpack, store your goodies!
  • From doing Quests on the server, you are able to purchase three different sizes of backpacks.
  • A backpack allows you to carry items around on the server, unlike Enderchests, you click an item in your hotbar!
  • They come in size ranges: Pouches; School Bag & Suitcase. They are also included with some of our ranks.

We of course have a lot more developed, but that’s all the sneak-peaks we can show you at the moment. We’ll show you more in weeks coming up to the release!

Hello all,

On behalf of the Staff team, it is my pleasure to announce that Skywars is now fully bug-fixed and released. After some issues on its first release, the Development Team have now managed to resolve all problems that were making the game unable to be played. Suffixes have also been added in-game, which can be purchased from http://store.minedroidpvp.net.

Please post all suggestions for the network in our Suggestions forum.

Many thanks,
Embrasure & Minedroid Network Management Tram
Network Core - Version 2.0-RELEASE
  • New and improved suffix system.
  • Beta rank added.
    • In-game now supports the Beta rank. ​
  • Private servers permissions bug-fix.
    • A bugfix has been released to ensure the security of Minedroid's private servers such as servers used for game testing purposes.​
Skywars - Version 1.5-RELEASE
  • Major bug-fix.
    • The Development Team have fixed a major bug within Skywars, rendering it playable once again. Chunks will now fully regenerate after games and maps will reset successfully. ​
  • Suffix support.
    • Suffix support has been added, allowing suffixes to be shown during games.​
Dear Minedroid,

We sincerely apologise for the lack of the communication going back and forth between the community and the staff team that has been going on in the recent weeks.

We want to assure you that as a community, we will not be going anywhere. Although we have had some difficult circumstances that have come to us, we will be staying as a community, a network and will be looking forward to build the server as a community to the Minedroid we all know and love.

Rest assured, the network is back up and running and I will be primarily spending a lot of my time on the network now that part of my family's COVID-19 test results have come back negative as that was a priority of my life - family comes first.

Thank you all for sticking with us and further announcements will be made as I continue to keep a good communication between the management team and the communtiy.

Kindest regards,
Dylan - CEO
After months of hard work and dedication throughout our network, we have reached a stage where we can finally release the network. We will be hosting the Release of Minedroid on Saturday, 29th February at 7:30pm GMT. Throughout the release we will have lots of competitions, rank giveaways and more to take part in.

Skywars has been our most developed gamemode on the network. Our Development Operations Manager, @Embrasure, had this to say on the gamemode:
On release, we will have the following gamemodes open: Skywars & Survival.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We look forward to seeing you on release.
IP – play.minedroidpvp.net
Hi all,

As many of you already know, we have recently faced some security issues within the Minedroid Network. Due to this, many parts of the core and our two-factor authentication system for staff members are being recoded to ensure the best and safest experience for all Minedroid users.

Minedroid is open to the public
after experiencing problems last month. We had to whitelist the server whilst we took care of some damage and issues created during the time these security issues were uncovered. Our Hub and Skywars servers are online and open, however we are still working to get Survival back online.

In the meantime, if anybody has any suggestions regarding gamemodes or features that we should implement when we release fully in January 2020, please reply to this thread, as we're always open to suggestions from the community!

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me on Discord (@Embrasure#6326) or on the forums. Myself and the staff team are very excited to release in January with a secure, enjoyable and positive network!

As a side note, I'd just like to emphasise that Developer Applications are still open. Even if you don't fit all of the requirements, you may still get accepted! We're always willing to help people learn.

Many thanks,
Hello everyone,

We are proud to announce that we have now opened our Discord Server. Please follow the link below to join it, our old discord Minedroid Updates will be removed shortly due to our new server being launched.


Any feedback regarding our new discord would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks,
~ Dylan | CEO
Hello everyone!

Here at the Minedroid Network, our Developers (that's mostly @Embrasure and me) have been working really hard to ensure that we have fully functional gamemodes working by our pre-release (beta) phase. I have been asked a few queries over the past week and I feel that I need to address every single one of them.

Minedroid Network will be releasing on January 1st 2020, we have decided to go with this date as it is a start of a brand new decade and we feel that we can accomplish big goals. Even though this may sound quite a fair time away, we will be hosting a Beta phase which will be a pre-release of what you will expect to see on our actual release. Our plans are to have a pre-release running by the middle of November. We will be finalising dates closer to the time.

In our previous phase of Minedroid, we took a different approach as to what gamemodes we were going to release (Unfortunately things didn't quite work out as we intended them to). We will be launching a Skywars gamemode, as well as a Survival-type gamemode. After our release of our 2 gamemodes, we will be working towards a custom and unique minigame which cannot be revealed at this moment in time. However, I can assure you that it will be very fun and may, not definitely, involve boats.

At the end of the month we will be looking at releasing some sneak previews of some of our gamemodes, so you can get a real insight of how our network is going to be like. On the 18th October 2019 we will be releasing our Official Discord Server. At the moment Minedroid Updates is our current discord whilst we prepare for our official discord to be launched.

If you have any questions regarding to the network, please comment them on this thread or send me a message directly as I will be more than happy to answer them alongside my Management team.

Kind Regards,
~ Dylan | CEO

Previously the forums may have looked a little bit different than they do now. We have moved over to a brand new forums software called XenForo which expands our capabilities of what we can do compared to our old forums software. We are currently still customising the forums, so please be patient with us.

Any feedback, or suggestions on how we could improve our forums would be appreciated.

Many thanks,